AC units are for heating too

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Are you feeling the chill when you arrive at work every morning? Is your heating not quite as effective as it should be?

Did you realise that air conditioning can be used for heating as well as cooling? In fact, modern air conditioning systems can be among the most energy-efficient ways to both cool and heat your home.

Some of today’s aircon systems can even offer energy (i.e. electricity) savings of up to 40% compared to older systems. For example, a modern inverter-type system is actually more cost-effective than underfloor heating. Inverter units have a COP-rating (‘Coefficient Of Performance’) of as much as 5, meaning that, in effect, for every pound’s worth of energy you put in you get 5 pounds worth of energy out. This is much the same as an electric heat exchange water heater – not surprising, as they use similar technology.

If you’re currently using portable heaters in your office, the cost savings could be even more dramatic.

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