Cooling your server room

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During the half term holidays, ACS have been busy servicing AC units and chillers in various schools in the district. We also installed a couple of crucial chillers to server rooms at Laisterdyke Academy and Feversham Girls School in Bradford.

With data networks requiring more and more capacity to handle faster speeds, server rooms are placed under strain. This can lead to over-heating and problems with data storage and system crashes, causing severe damage to your server’s hardware, effectively disabling it and possibly ruining it for good. To this end, air conditioning should be viewed as a crucial component for any server room.

Air conditioning should be used to keep cold air in circulation within a server room, and should be able to convert and recycle warm air generated by servers. Extended heating problems within a server room can cause system faults, and even permanent damage to hard drives and servers; this can lead to significant downtime for businesses, and can cause serious issues with data loss if you don’t have other backups.

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Cooler installation in server room
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