Maintaining your AC unit

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Domestic AC

Maintaining your air conditioning unit is important to achieve optimum efficiency. The greatest variant of how often it needs cleaning depends on the environment that pump system is working within. Conditions can change dramatically from an industrial building, to offices, homes or clean rooms. Each situation needs to be evaluated on an individual basis.

If the filters inside the indoor air conditioning unit become blocked or dirty this will inhibit the air flow and efficiency of the indoor unit. This will ultimately mean that the outdoor compressor will have to work harder for longer to achieve the desired room temperature.

Checking your outdoor unit

The unit should be checked that it is clear of overgrown vegetation, which could restrict the airflow reducing energy efficiency. Plants and weeds can also find their way into the outdoor unit and, in some cases, entangle themselves around the fan stopping it from running.

Another point to check is that there are no physical obstructions placed close to the outdoor unit. Things like dustbins, recycling bins, sheds etc. if placed too close to the unit will again restrict the airflow. As an example, when the indoor unit is in cooling the outdoor unit is generating heat and if a commercial dustbin is placed in front of the outdoor unit it runs the risk of overheating and a fault developing.

For peace of mind, ACS offer maintenance contracts so you know, whatever the weather, your air con will continue to perform. Call us to discuss maintenance of your new or existing air conditioning system.

As  professionals we always recommend regular maintenance for your air conditioning system. Regular maintenance and servicing of your air con means it will achieve the highest possible energy efficiency with reduced risk of component failure.

We also offer emergency call out for air conditioning breakdown with repairs to get your system backup and running in a short space of time.

We cover the whole of Yorkshire, so are happy to quote for work in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and North Yorkshire, as well as Humberside. We have customers and air conditioning projects across the Bradford and Leeds district. Call on 01535 640221 or email.