Maintenance contracts and emergency repairs

Air con repairs & maintenance

Is your air conditioning broken or in need of a service? We offer one-off repairs or ongoing maintenance contracts. We work with all the major manufacturers and our parts come with a full guarantee.

For peace of mind, we offer maintenance contracts so you know, whatever the weather, your air con will continue to perform. Call us to discuss maintenance of your new or existing air conditioning system.

As  professionals we always recommend regular maintenance for your air conditioning system. Regular maintenance and servicing of your air con means it will achieve the highest possible energy efficiency with reduced risk of component failure.

We will ensure that your air con is working economically and efficiently and is thoroughly cleaned in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. We normally suggest that domestic and commercial air conditioning should take place at least once every six months to achieve the longevity and efficiency.

We also offer emergency call out for air conditioning breakdown with repairs to get your system backup and running in a short space of time.